How it Works?

My Desi GirlFriend is Party Line. Hot Indian girls are hosting each Party Line. Here you can talk A LOT OF TIME FOR LESS MONEY. Our hosts are real Indian girls from all around India. We cover many local languages and you can choose to join the Party with your preferable spoken languages.

Each Party Line can have several participants. When you enter the Party Line, you can choose to talk, or you can just listen and have fun.

How it works

You first need to buy Talk-time via Epoch. If you already have a Epoch account it will take just 2 min of your time and you can call. If you don’t have a Epoch account, it is easy to create one.

3 easy steps and you start having fun:

  1. Purchase Talk-time (minutes) - Select 15min or 60min.
  2. After your payment, you’ll get a token
  3. Use this token to join the party line.

That’s it, you can now talk. This is a ONE TIME Charged and you will not be charged for anything else.

Please make sure that you saved this token. You can use it until you used all the Talk-time you have purchased.

How will I receive the token? 
After you complete the purchase in PayPal, you’ll be redirected back to a page with the token you received.

The Talk-Time is over and you wish to talk more?
Well, this is very good! It means that you had a good time. Just purchase another token (Talk-Time), via Epoch and call the girl you like.

You have a token and you didn’t use all its Talk-Time?
That is perfect. Just use this same token again to call. When your Talk-time will end you will be disconnected.
You will be informed by a voice recording that you have no Talk-time left. It is time to buy a new token :)